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Grow, Cook, Eat

Grow, Cook and Eat Healthy Foods

Our Grow! Cook! Eat! Project is about building capacity for healthy living in the community. It will enable people to grow and cook healthy food, and share their knowledge to those around them.

This project is available in the following areas: Castle, St.David’s, Spencer, Kingsley, Headlands, St.Jame’s, Westone, Talavera, Brookside, Billing, Brackley West, Kingthorn, Drayton, Weedon.

Working together, Cooking Good and Hope, backed by Public Health England are running the project to deliver growing, cooking and healthy eating programs across West Northamptonshire.

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Visit A Roadshow

Are you interested in learning how to grow and cook healthy food?

Come along to one of our roadshows our next event is at:

‘Showcase of GCE Champions’

Wednesday 28th June

Northampton Hope Centre

Ash St


11.00 – 2.00pm