Hope is a social work agency




Hope delivers support to people through the key methodologies of social work:

  • Casework
  • Groupwork
  • Community work

We are rooted in the radical tradition of social work, expressed currently through the work of SWAN. 

This means we take an explicit social justice approach to the alleviation of of harm created by inequality and poverty, act as advocates for service users, and campaign against policy and practice that leads to these issues. We are overtly anti-racist and anti-misogynist in our practice and strive to reach and serve marginalised and oppressed individual and communities using progressive social work values.

We welcome engagement with any social work practitioners to collaborate on campaign and practice development.

We support training in social work through supervising student placements and teaching on university teaching courses, mostly at UoN. We work with universities to improve the delivery of training wherever possible.

You can see a social work reading list here

BASW, the union for social workers in the UK, has published this useful guide to social work’s role in relation to poverty here

There is a detailed piece of guidance on social work and homelessness, one of our major areas of service delivery, available from the United States, here

Read the story of one social work placement at Hope here.

Approach us if you are interested in a placement with us by emailing office@northamptonhopecentre.org.uk .