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Cold weather support – SWEP

Providing shelter in cold weather – and SWEP, Severe Weather Emergency Protocol support

In the winter, local councils have a legal responsibility to ‘call’ SWEP, the severe weather emergency protocol, to bring rough sleepers inside, out of the cold or extreme wet, to save lives.

How they do this is up to the council, but Hope is involved in influencing these decisions. If we feel it is needed, we ask for it to be called, but have no power to make it happen.

The local council in our area, West Northants Unitary, has been doing much more than the requirements of SWEP to help rough sleepers get off the streets, which we welcome and support.

Hope tries to extend its hours to offer greater shelter to vulnerable rough sleepers in bad weather.

Email volunteering@northamptonhopecentre.org.uk or ring 01604 214300 if you want to help by volunteering or providing food during the winter

When we run SWEP, Hope is strongly supported by other organisations and charities, including the Langar Seva based in the Sikh community.


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