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Hope enterprises

Hope Enterprises is a social enterprise that has been set up by Hope to provide training and work opportunities to people who are a long way from the labour market, which improves skills, confidence and self-esteem. In doing so, we produce useful products and services for the local community, and which have environmental and health benefits.

Hope believes strongly in the value of ethically driven, fair commerce as a progressive means of improving the lives of people in need. Any profit generated is recycled to build assets for the local community and its people.

The businesses are:

Hope Catering –  a catering business and catering training school

Hope Gardening – a growing project to produce healthy veg and fruit for our food projects and the local community, as well as training in horticulture and therapeutic gardening, plus landscaping and maintenance gardening for anyone

Hope Tools–  a sheltered workshop that recycles old garden tools for re-sale

Hope Foodclub –a social supermarket supplying low cost and healthy food for people on benefits, in pop-up shops in community centres

You can find out much more about Hope Enterprises on its own website, and via the combined twitter account

You can see Hope Enterprises most recent company accounts, in this year jointly audited with the Northampton Hope Centre here: 20-21


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