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Being poor or homeless sucks

Poverty leaves little room for extras. If you are watching every penny, you have nothing left to spend on treats or fun.

So Hope tries to create fun -although Covid-19 has changed the way we work. We used to offer group based activities like:

…. games, puzzles, activities, pamper days at beauty salons, art, painting, crafts, drawing, pool tournaments, planting flowers, fishing, photography, creative writing, themed days, white water rafting, football, boxing, cooking a meal, learning the ukelele, mindfulness, yoga …

Now we can’t easily do this. in 2021 we will start to offer more. Our gardening project, as it is outside, in open space, is still operating now and gives opportunities for therapy and addressing boredom, as well as getting new skills. But currently activity based groups, inside, are off the agenda. We are trying to develop new stuff people can do at home, or with partners, or outside. Our challenges that help homeless people get fit or occupied whilst in hotels is an example!

We are still only limited by people’s availability to teach specific things, lead groups, provide equipment.. whatever it may be. If these click into place, we offer whatever is available to give our service users a little pleasure and joy.

So if you know about drumming and want to share your knowledge and enthusiasm by leading a drumming workshop, or if you want to make scrummy cakes, come on in, and help people who have nothing to have fun.

If you can help us with equipment, or donations, give us a ring. Do you need that guitar you haven’t played since 2002?


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