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Hope is a charity which campaigns for change:

  • changes in policy that leads to poverty and homelessness
  • the rights of our clients
  • the way they are treated by the state and society

We do this through social media or by organising meetings and running campaigns using all media, including arts (artivism).

We help our service users to speak up for themselves through training, resources and encouragement.

We have no alignment to any political party.

If you want to get involved, contact us at Hope via office@northamptonhopecentre.org.ukand also follow our social media for current campaigns.

Renters Union: We are also looking for people to work with Hope to set up an independent local renters union, helping improve the quality of the private rented stock in the town, in partnership with ACORN

An example of the campaigns we run.

Hope is a member of the Equality Trust and links to their work

Why Charities have a right and duty to campaign, alongside service delivery:

The Government’s  Civil Society Strategy published in August 2018 strongly sets out the rights of charities to campaign:

“The government is determined that charities and social enterprises should be fully confident in their right to speak in public debates and to have a strong role in shaping policy and speaking up on behalf of those they support”

For other views on why charities should campaign, read this

NCVO view on the need to campaign

Links to other reports arguing why charities should campaign for the causes they represent.


We join in campaigning led by muti-organisational partnerships, like campaigns on hunger by IFAN or others

We support the Dying Homeless project


your donations help us help more people

support Hope enterprises

there are lots of ways that you can support us