Action on rented housing

Hope works to advise people about their rights in private rented tenancies through providing links to information and support to individuals who access our services. Some private rented accomodation is very poor in quality, expensive, and the way it is managed is sometimes unnacceptable. Hope believes that all private renters should have access to secure, safe, well maintained and affordable homes, or properties at social rent.

We  support those living in private rented accomodation to  campaign for fair treatment and their rights.

We highlight problems in the private rented marketcampaign for better practice and better quality of private rented accommodation through our social media and through local action.

We are working with ACORN to help set up a renters union, which will be independent of Hope, to campaign for better rights and practice towards private renters. Read about their work here.


Guidance for people starting out in renting property: Read here

Advice from Northampton Borough Council

Advice and Information from SHELTER

Advice from Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Hope also  campaigns for an expansion of regulated social housing at social rent, within the council or housing association sector.