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about poverty, housing and homelessness

Poverty in the UK

Hope works with people from those on the absolute margins of society living in destitution through to people experiencing poverty as part of their daily lives, sometimes over generations.

There is considerable evidence that inequality in the UK is rising dramatically with those in bottom quarter or more of society getting a smaller and smaller share. This poverty is having a destructive effect on society as a whole. As Wilkinson and Pickett’s book, the ‘Spirit Level‘ shows, inequality is bad for everyone.

Hope addresses and alleviates some of the worst and most extreme forms of poverty – homelessness, clothes and food poverty – by trying to achieve redistribution to people with nothing, and advocating for their access to these things. This includes a specific focus on those who have no access to public funds or in immigration limbo.  But we recognise that charity on its own, and not justice, cannot address all the harm inequality causes. This is why, alongside providing services to people in need, we also develop businesses and commercial opportunities to help people train, get new skills, and work, producing good things for the community, but we also campaign against the policy decisions that make people poor.

We have published a major report in 2022 about poverty in Northampton, available HERE

You can read here some of the evidence about what we mean by the term poverty; the scale of poverty, food poverty  and homelessness in the UK.

Read The truth and lies about poverty Churches report by a coalition of British Churches about some of the common myths and untruths said about people living in poverty.

Poverty disproportionately affects BAME communities: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jul/01/nearly-half-of-bame-uk-households-are-living-in-poverty


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