The Coronavirus has hurt people in poverty greater than anyone else, as well as creating new poverty for those made unemployed. We all need to take stock and decide what needs to be done and what we need to get back on our feet.
Hope is beginning to roll out its series of restructured programmes to help people in the greatest need:
– A new kind of rough sleeper service (hand-up)
– A new programme to help people move ontowards employability, addressing skills, mental health and addictions (Learning 4 Living)
– Acting as a community food hub, working in alliance with other food aid providers
– Providing our own housing

But we want your views too, about what other services people on low incomes or with vulnerabilities need. We want to hear what you have to say.
We will be doing face to face and handwritten consultation with our service users to get their views and an open zoom consultation to come. But to help us, you can email your views. We welcome these from anyone, including from those with lived experience.

Send them to

You can use This form if you like, attaching it to your email, or post it to Hope, Oasis House, 35-37 Campbell Street, Northampton NN13DS.