At Hope we stress that after 43 years of service, we are very much a community charity: accountable to the public, funded by the public, led by the community. Nearly all our funds come from you – the people of Northamptonshire. Our funding from local/national government now only funds one week’s work. The rest is from trusts, the Big Lottery, and donations and events led by YOU. We hope your donations will keep coming.
That’s why we are always keen to get you involved and help us spread the word, so we get more and more people following us and sharing. We need you to share our message, through your own social media; keep retweeting, sharing or liking our posts on facebook/twitter/instagram with your friends and contacts.

There are lots of other ways to get involved:

We are keen to expand the Members of Hope. Our members elect our trustees and trustees have to be members to stand. They give overall strategic direction to Hope at AGMs. Members costs just £5 a year for administration and it’s a great way to be involved. There is a membership form on the website.
We are also launching a new way of getting involved – the Friends of Hope. It’s free, and all we ask you to do is sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media so to get regular updates on what we do. You never know, it might inspire you to run that marathon, or SleepOut for Hope next Winter – so get your running shoes and thermals ready now!
This autumn, after a detailed review led by a local voluntary sector expert, Sean Silver, we will be re-launching volunteering at Hope, advertising the wide range of volunteer opportunities across everything we do, not just our day centre: our new food club for example. We are looking to get re-accredited under Investing in Volunteering again next year.
It’s more than just the donation of time by volunteering though, and cash, its donations of food and clothes that you always help so well with. It’s coming up to Harvest again, and we know that you, as individuals, school and groups, will do their best to refill our cupboards, which have been largely emptied this year feeding up to 150 people a day. With our new food club starting, we need you to make that extra effort this year. To make it easier we will be able to help with more collections of donations than in previous years and having a dedicated point of delivery at our new warehouse. We will announce this in September.
Stay with us – get more involved, and spread the word to your friends!