How to make your own reverse advent calendar

Making your own reverse advent calendar is really easy, and fun. You could do it with your family, in your class or in your office or community…

Simply follow these easy steps…

Step 1:

Start in early December and aim to put in for 12 days…(this will mean you’re not rushing around on 24th trying to bring it in to Hope). Decide whether you’re going to collect food, clothes, presents or a combination.

Step 2:

Decide what you are going to use to collect your items in. Grab a basket or cardboard box or (if you are feeling creative) make something to put items in each day.

Step 3:

Every day choose something to donate to your reverse advent calendar (If you need some ideas, take a look at our donations page here). Don’t forget to share your photos on social media tagging the Hope Centre in or email your photos to so we can share them for you.

Step 4:

Once you have completed your reverse advent calendar, decide when you are going to come and drop it off and pop in and say hello. Please ensure that your details are left with one of the Hope team so that we can say Thank You.

Step 5:

If you are doing this with children, please do explain to them where and how their donations will help. You have done something amazing by giving back this Christmas and we would like to say thank you.