Hope has never had the space to create a service user laundry at Oasis house, and as a result this useful service has never been available. The Jesus Centre did offer this, but they closed a few weeks ago. We have looked hard a the building at Ash St, and decided we need to change part of its usage to create a laundry there to add this service to all the others we offer.

This decision has not been an easy one to make. Its a major project.
All told its a project that will cost Hope several thousand pounds – but it will create a valuable new service to Hope’s service users.

We need help to make this happen: firstly groundworks to fix a drainage problem in our basement; secondly building a 10x10ft partition wall; thirdly creating the plumbing to accomodate washing machines; fourthly, the sourcing of washing machines and tumble dryers; fifthly recruiting volunteers.

Can any businesses out there help with the first 4 of these? We need your help.
Contact Hope on 01604214300.