Hope has started an exciting new project.

Post covid, we need to do so much to make our society better, more inclusive, and fairer. Poverty and racism have increased. Society is more unequal. African and Asian Diaspora communities have been amongst those most hardest hit by the pandemic and its consequences.

Hope wants to ensure that the services we develop, or that others are planning, are informed by the voices of community experience. That’s why we have set up a series of community workshops, with and through allied community organisations, to gather the voices of the most marginalised communities and individuals with lived experience.

This week we held the first, with members of the Northampton African community, run in partnership with the United African Association, and facilitated by retired Anglican Bishop Andrew Proud.

Several more will follow up until Christmas, engaging with various communities. We will compile and publish our findings, backing up seminars with individual interviews and reviewing quantitative data to support our qualitative findings. The data we assemble will be greatly valuable to Hope in planning how we work, and to any organisation, including West Northants Council, who cares about inequality and diversity.

Get in contact if you want to be involved as a volunteer, organiser, interview subject, funder, or any other reason.