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Bleak, isn’t it? Society is ravaged by a virus and its consequences: disorder, incivility, hunger, poverty… death.

Yet dealing with problems like this is what Hope was set up to do: to help the poor, the hungry, the homeless, without thought of self or reward.

Bad things can bring the best out of people: one of our leading former managers, Valerie Hanson, who sadly died just a couple of weeks ago, started work here because she had lost her beloved daughter Maddy in a car accident. In response she devoted her life to the care of our service users, devoting a quarter of a century of service, recognised by her OBE in 1995.

What would Val have done or said now? She’d be working tirelessly to help people.

So that’s what the Hope family is doing. Lots of people, volunteers especially, have had to go home and wait it out. A team remains, ready to keep on serving our service users and going beyond that to keep on helping more people, using our influence to get more food and share it with others. We are working with other food aid providers to engineer food supplies at scale for the rising mass of newly laid off, hungry, helpless people, and will do so as long as we can. This is what we signed up for, and it will end: ‘time is a healer’.

But we do need your help to help us keep open. You can donate at: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/helphope

Stay safe.