Hope’s major new report, ‘Poverty in Northampton’ is launched today at an event at the Sikh Gurdwara and also online, starting at 11 am.

The report can be accessed HERE

This is a major piece of qualitative research and it is a detailed description, drawn entirely from lived experience, of the reality of poverty in our town. These effects are very much not just financial: poverty represents substantive marginalisation and exclusion affecting thousands of people.

But it includes many recommendations¬† about how poverty and marginalisation can be alleviated, with practical ideas that those running services of various types can act on to make people’s lives better.

As the new multi-agency council strategy on poverty comes closer, this report is a useful support to its implementation in practical terms.

I would like to thank Bishop Andrew Proud for leading this project and convening many of the groups and interviews, and also Emma Matthews, who practically organised the research and wrote a substantial part of this report. Thanks to all those who helped us to organise meetings and interviews, especially Anne Wankiiri of the United African Association.