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Keep Hope Alive

Hope’s threatened eviction – updated 7/2/201

Today, Hope issued a joint press release with Northampton Borough Council and Midland Heart concerning our threatened eviction

This can be found on our news page, or through this link.

This release makes clear that Hope will not be moving out this year, nor will our work cease. We have agreed to vacate Oasis house, but only on the premise that we will only move when a suitable building of appropriate size and quality is available, and that prior to that funding to cover the cost of any conversion or building work is in place.

Whilst it is regrettable that we will be moving, we  look forward with a positive mind that we can create a new centre that is even better than Oasis House. Whilst we are looking hard for alternative premises, there is no deadline hanging over us anymore. We will only move when we are ready to do so.

Some may feel this is not what they campaigned for, and we understand that view. We did not seek the move: it is imposed on us. But the terms of the move are the result of the campaign. We are proud of the phenomenal support that you, the Hope family, gave to us over the last four months, a time of immense stress to us, to you and most of all, to our service users. We have shown that Hope is a force to be reckoned with, a community project loved by Northampton’s citizens: truly a force for good in our community that Northampton should be proud of. This is collective community action, and we are inspired.

So lets keep active. Lets turn that support into a continuing programme of keeping Hope alive. We will need your help in helping us find a new building, and when the time comes, helping in the work that will need to be done. We will need to ensure the agreement made is kept. We will need to keep in funding the services Hope provides. We need your commitment to us continue in the form of following our messages on social media, raising money, donating food, and generally making sure the voice of the community that stands shield over Hope stays vigilant.

Thanks to you all.


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