I started as the new general manager just a few weeks ago and it feels already a long time. Every day is packed with incident, events, challenges and pleasures.
No day is the same as another. Everyday reminds us of why we are here and why we are needed. Everyday people come in with complex, challenging needs related to abuse, violence, ill-health, mental health crises, substance misuse and much more. They are all linked by the scale of the problems they face – massive challenges that keep them on the margins of society, abandoned by almost everybody except their fellow excluded, and by us and sister organistions providing housing and support.

People don’t choose to live like this. Poverty and their personal experience keeps them there. We work with the most marginalised of the most marginalised.
Yet there is joy and there is hope. Everyday we see people struggling to get on top of their problems, begin to learn and to grow. With the support the team provides, and the warnth and care they receive, people can change.

If you are reading this and want to help, think about three simple words: donate, volunteer, promote.
You have the skills to help people out of homelessness, or to care for them whilst they work towards it. Be part of a movement for Hope.