In my last blog I wrote about the meaning of hunger in different contexts, given that providing food is so central to what Hope stands for, over nearly 43 years.
Today we are being even more public, to all our supporters about a new project we have been working on for the last few months to provide food to a wider group of people than the 150 who come in each day. It’s what’s called a ‘social supermarket’ or food club. There was an article about one in the Guardian yesterday:
This is neither a foodbank nor primarily a food waste project. It’s not even strictly charitable as it is a form of trading that will run through Hope Enterprises. It’s a dignified way of getting food into the mouths of people in need, that you are not limited to five visits for, money is exchanged, and you do not have to be referred nor necessarily have any problem other than being poor – and that can affect anyone. There is nothing wrong with food banks, but there is a real, vital need for additional help in the face of accelerating poverty and declining living standards for so many people. It’s Communities week this week, and it’s the ideal time to launch a project which is about the ordinary people of Northampton helping to look after our own.
We are looking to identify a small group of people who might be able to help steer and develop the project. It involves fundraising, yes, but also bringing expertise, advice, strategy, and practical support to make it happen and get off the ground. Do you have relevant experience, or enthusiasm, to get involved?
You can read about it via our Linked in pages:

We look forward to hearing from you!