Hope is pleased to announce the outcome of discussions between ourselves, Midland Heart Housing Association, and Northampton Borough Council:

Hope Centre, Midland Heart, Northampton Borough Council: Focussed on the Future

Hope, Midland Heart and Northampton Borough Council have been working together to find alternative accommodation for the Hope Centre currently based at Oasis House.

The three organisations have been in discussion since October 2018 looking at ways to ensure the best outcome for rough sleepers living in the town.

Council Leader, Cllr Jonathan Nunn, said: “We are committed to working with our partners in the town, particularly when it can benefit the most vulnerable in our communities.

We were therefore pleased last year to have been able to broker a meeting with Hope and Midland Heart to consider the current situation and opportunities for the future.

Those discussions have continued and we are now able to announce that our three organisations are committed to working together to find the Hope Centre a new home.”

Ben Leadsom, Chair of the Hope Centre Board said: “I am pleased everyone accepts the Hope Centre will be kept open at Oasis House to continue its vital work while new premises and resources are found to move it to a suitable nearby location when one becomes available.”

Glenn Harris, Chief Executive of Midland Heart commented: “We are pleased that all parties are working to a solution that will enable Hope Centre to continue its much valued services from a suitable location , which will allow for Midland Heart to increase the number of homeless accommodation at Oasis House by 11 flats. No specific time limit has been set, and all parties have agreed to work in good faith together to bring this about. We would like to thank Northampton Borough Council for their efforts to facilitate this outcome.”

This means that Hope will not be closing in October, and our work continues: but at some point in the future we will move to a different location of suitable quality, amenities and location. The timetable for this is not fixed.