Those who have supported Hope throughout the ongoing crisis of our threatened eviction from Oasis House will welcome the news that we have signed a new licence agreement to continue to provide services from the building, with our landlords, Midland Heart.

This is covered in this news report:

The new licence grants us rights to continue to provide services in our day centre, although this comes with the loss of three rooms used as part of service delivery, from April, and a new entrance arrangement.

In the medium term this enables us to maintain our existing service, but it is far from ideal. In the longer term our intention is to secure a larger alternative building near the town centre. Later this year we will launch a campaign to raise funds for that purpose.

We would like to thank all our supporters without whose support this matter would never have been resolved in the way it has. In particular we would like to thank our patron, Sally Keeble, the former MP, who supported us so brilliantly.