Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hope is today launching a new service which aims to get the homeless (who are being cared for in hotels across Northampton) learning new skills and taking on new challenges each week.

The project, which has been named “The Hope Challenge” hopes to encourage people to  become a “writer or performer”, “painter or creator” or a “mover & Shaker”.

The project has been designed with the desire to maintain good mental and physical health within the hotels for all who are currently isolating.

There will be 3 challenges each week designed around the core projects with a winner in each category who will be awarded a prize by the Hope team.

The challenges have been supported by some amazing individuals including StrongLines Physiotherapy who have designed a weekly fitness challenge,  and Cecilia Knapp who will be supporting the creative challenges.

Special thanks must go to KWS who have provided their design skills to make this an incredible package of support to the homeless of Northampton.