Meeting Growing Demand

Over the last few months we have expanded the reach of our Northampton Food Clubs into wider Northamptonshire. Along with this expansion as been a new name, the ‘Hope Community Food Larders;. A decisive shift that brings together the many communities we support across Northamptonshire.  We now support communities in Moulton, Brixworth, Woodford Halse and Daventry along with our regular Larders at Blackthorn Community Centre, Tower Street and at Kings Heath Primary Academy.

Through our Community Food Larders alone, we now provide individuals with enough food staples for 18’000 meals every week which is an incredible 72’000 meals a month.

A Call for Help

At the end of 2022 we reached out to packaging manufacturers to ask if they could help create a food donation box that we could give to business across the district to help us keep up with the rising demand. VPK UK and Ireland stepped up to the challenge and donated 400 flat pack, sturdy donation stations made with sustainable packaging. We also had graphic design help from Mannol UK who helped us create graphics for the boxes. Each box has been designed to fit enough food staples for 250 meals. Over the next 6 months, as demand inevitably increases filling the box once, will generate food staples for a staggering 100’000 meals.

Where Does The Food Go? 

Food donated to the Hope Centre, doesn’t all go to our Community Food Larders, some of the food goes to our Hand Up service at Oasis House which is open daily to the homeless community. At Hand Up we provide breakfasts, hot tea and coffee and a daily hot meal to the homeless community in Northampton.

Providing a warm safe space where individuals can go for food is also an opportunity for us to listen to the problems faced by those sleeping rough and to help them get back on their feet. Our holistic approach to homelessness and hardship helps individuals with long term solutions to the many and often complex problems they face on a daily basis.

It’s Not Just Food!

Through our donation stations we are also collecting toiletries and personal care items, these products are often expensive through supermarkets and helping people who are struggling with these costly items, will give them greater ability to pay for bills and food we can’t always supply such as fresh meat and fish.


The Challenge Is On!

Our 2023 winter campaign is a call-out to businesses, schools and churches across Northamptonshire to help us maintain the supply of food and goods we need to help those struggling in our communities through this difficult winter.

Are you up for a challenge? We are challenging businesses to fill their box twice to provide food staples for 500 meals, can you provide more? Do you want to compete among departments to meet a bigger challenge? Do you want to work with us to make your challenge unique? We are often short of a particular product, you could work with us to supply a product that we regularly find ourselves short of, UHT milk for example, or ladies sanitary products.

Making an Impact

Supporting The hope Centre with basic food in this way has a wider impact on those struggling this winter. Helping individuals with basic resources such as food and costly household goods is enabling. It helps money go further, it keeps families warm, helps them afford clothing for children, pay bills and manage day-to-day living without needing crisis intervention.

We are keeping a tally of the food our boxes generate over the forthcoming months to share how significant the impact is on the communities we support. Follow the campaign on our social media channels by searching for the hashtag #EatHeatHope

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