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Lockdown 3
This weeks challenge

Hope Challenge -Writer or Performer

This week give yourself a writing challenge…

Join us and share your writing using the hashtag #HopeChallenges

Fill in the blanks

It was a _____________ and ____________ day and we were all feeling a bit ______________.

Then as the weather began to _____________ she wondered, “Shall we pick up some____________ and _____________? She said hoping to brighten the moods of the others. “Yeah ok can we get ______________ as well”?

We ________________ along. Her heart lifted as they__________________________________.

Excitement was _____________ as we ______________about what we could all do as a _____________.

As long as we all got some _______________ and _____________________ we could ______________ and then _______________ better tonight.

Download the document on the left hand side or simply write it out using the text above.

Lockdown 3
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