Did you know?

Hope doesn’t just feed 700+ people every week, including the homeless, and 650+ people on low incomes.

We also play a key role in helping to create joined up, multi-agency action to improve food quality for all, working in partnership with loads of other agencies. We co-chair West Northamptonshire Sustainable Food Place, which is looking to get accreditation nationally as a place based approach to improving food quality – including growing veg and feeding those on low incomes, alongside action on catering, food markets and teaching about healthy eating.

You can read all about it here on their website.

Are you doing something good with food, locally? Get involved! email leila@northamptonhopecentre.org.uk

Hope also has a leading role in helping foodbanks work together, sourcing, storing and distributing food for over 30 foodaid providers linked together in Food Aid Alliance West Northants. Their webpage is here.

We also lead an allaince of veg growers, as growing veg and teaching how to grow veg, is in our DNA. Read about that here