We have published our accounts for the financial year 2020/2021.

Please note that this year our combined income across both Hope Centre (the charity) and Hope Enterprises (the social enterprise) exceeeded £1m for the first time due to the generosity of donors and availability of grant schemes during that year. This meant that we have to publish the accounts as a group, containing those for the subsidiary, Hope Enterprises, alongside the parent charity.

Some points to note when reading the figures:

  • The discrete funding for the charity is shown on page 12 so readers can see the like with like charity income separate from the enterprise income there.
  • In the resources expended section, the figure shown for raising funds includes the resources expended on the social enterprise, as well as those expended on charity fundraising, which is in previous years, for the charity alone, a very low figure. See p22 for the expenditure on fundraising alone.
  • The accounts show a surplus across the combined organisation. This reflects the greater availability of grants and donations in that year, at the peak of covid. This surplus has been completely used within the 21/22 financial year to provide greatly extended services against a very different, and much more challenging donation and grant period.

The accounts can be seen here and also on the Charity commission website.