Harvest Festival 2019

The Harvest season is well upon us and the team are very active speaking at school assemblies, churches and to community groups. If you want us to come and speak contact us on 01604214300.

We cannot survive the year without Harvest: it is make or break for Hope. With the food we gather and store during this period we keep our day centre kitchen open six days a week, feeding hungry homeless people, and others in need; and we support our foodclub, feeding people on low incomes, with anything left.

We welcome everything you can give, especially with long shelf life, but we especially need tinned meat and fish, tinned soup and veg; sugar, tea and coffee; squash; toilet roll, tinned fruit and jam; rice and noodles. We still have quite a bit of beans and pasta on the shelves.

You can read HERE a simple guide to making donations to Hope, how to get these to us easily and quickly.

Thank you for your support