Harvest For Hope

This year many families and individuals across Northamptonshire are facing extreme poverty. The situation has been exacerbated by the cost-of-living crisis. The rising cost of food products and energy prices has pushed many of our service users into further poverty, and we are seeing a increase in demand for our services from many that have not needed them before.

As a charity, as demand has increased there has been a steady decline in donations. Many of our usual donors are also feeling a financial squeeze and are not able to give so generously as they have in the past. We are also facing ‘compassion fatigue’ following the overwhelming generosity of communities during the pandemic, and an increase in new community fundraising initiatives which has furthered reduced donations.

How you can help

This year we have launched a new #HarvestForHope campaign. Schools, churches and individuals can get involved this autumn by taking part. Children and families can stick a message ‘of hope’ onto the outside of donated food items. Parents, carers and teachers can share images of donated food before its collected. Tag us on social media and we will share the start of the food journey. Collect food through Harvest assemblies and services and follow our hashtag #HarvestForHope to watch the journey your food takes as it leaves you. The short messages will also give donors a connection with those they are helping, bringing an extra smile and sense of well-being to our service users.

Follow The Food

Getting children and communities involved in Harvest can teach a valuable lesson in sharing and social responsibility. We are always happy to visit schools during Harvest to discuss the work we do at Hope. This gives children an understanding of the devastating impact poverty can have on families and individuals and what we can do to help. We also show how rewarding and beneficial collective action and community support can be to those that are struggling around them.

This year, we are involving our donors in the journey of food beyond Harvest. Our volunteers at our food club warehouse are waiting for donated food and messages to arrive on their shelves. They will be sharing the journey the food makes through the warehouse, to our Food Larders and Food Clubs, and finally to our service users.

This will offer an incredible insight into the work we do at Hope and the team of staff and volunteers that work behind the scenes to provide a support network, helping those struggling with poverty in the community.

Watch our video:

There’s more to come!

We will be sharing recipes and ideas to help with cooking on low fuel and with the ingredients commonly supplied through our Food Club service.

Get involved in our Harvest this year. You can also get involved as a business or individual!

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