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Happy Easter to everyone – to all our service users and customers, our friends and supporters, and to fellow charities.

Easter is the time for new beginnings: the return of life to the world. The story of Hope’s brush with extinction was the major problem of the last six months and we report on the events and meeting that have taken place related to this in our new newsletter available on this site.

Hope is not moving anywhere just yet, but of course we have accepted that we will move when suitable premises are available. This is fine in theory but a real challenge in practice. Suitable buildings will be expensive to rent or buy. As we have already asked our supporters earlier this spring, if you know of any large building near where we are currently, or can make such a space available, please contact Hope.

Work goes on: we constantly run to keep up. We continue to strive to offer a wider and greater range of services to our customers, and we constantly need new volunteers to help in our foodclub and shop especially. If you can, contact

Change is the constant here; we have said goodbye to our much loved administrator Nicky, after 15 years service; we have opened the new charity shop, and it is going great guns; we have recruited 2 great new trustees in Maria Arce Moreira and Peter Warner; we are paying great attention to how we mesaure and report on outcomes by creating a new admin post focused on data; we have re-launched our foodclub and striving to find new sources of food; we have our restructured charity bike rides looming, and there is constant evolution of customer facing services to ensure we offer the best outcomes to our clients based on their actual needs and achievable goals. We are currently showcasing a series of films (available via facebook and the youtube channel) which capture positive customer journeys supported by Hope…. its all go here!

But we look forward. We are dynamic agency focused on change: change for people, whose lives we touch; the wider community, which supports us and for those whom amongst them have lost their way, we protect; and trying to change and challenge discrimination and poor treatment for people in poverty and homelessness by society and institutions. Thanks for being with us on our journey, and helping us, at Easter, to foster life anew.