A world without foodbanks

Hope has been doing a lot of work since this crisis hit to feed people in need: we are helping 3 times the number we usually help, and it is growing.

You, our wonderful friends and followers, ordinary people, are making it possible, not government. You are looking after those left fortunate by personal or community group donations. We thank you so much for all you are doing, and you will continue to do.

But it’s not sustainable.

Emergency or donated food, plus some waste from the supermarkets, is no proper, long term solution to the new poverty created by the virus, that builds on and adds to the fragility of insecure, inadequate work, wages and benefits that existed before.
That’s why Hope, along with a coalition of charities that includes the Trussell Trust and our own representative body, IFAN, is calling for income support to struggling families, not just charitable handouts. With your continuing help, we will continue to do our bit to feed people in need, but government needs to act.


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