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our successes

Success in our Day Centre

Every day in our Hand Up service for the homeless we help up to 30 people who are rough sleepers or sofa surfers:

  • We provide hot meals and snacks
  • We offer many items of clothing daily including free underwear
  • All rough sleepers can have showers
  • 2-5 people volunteer
  • 15-20 go away with bags of food
  • We advocate for them to be housed
  • We can arrange bank accounts
  • We offer a postal address
  • peopel cna access our computers
  • They cna get haircuts, vax and health checks and sexual health support
  • People can access casework and courses

Success in helping people access opportunities and training

60+ people access our Learning 4 Living service

  • They can accessed volunteering
  • Start courses
  • Start work experience
  • Get jobs
  • Improve their employability


Success in campaigning

  • Hope has hosted showings of films about the value of social housing
  • Posted actively on social media
  • Succeeded in having a facebook page ridiculing the homeless stopping posting
  • Raised awareness of violence against the homeless
  • Improved awareness of the true scale of local homelessness

Inspiring knowledge and learning

  • Hope hosts placements for up to 5 students in social work, youth work and occupational therapy a year
  • We teach on 6 courses at the University of Northampton and in dozens of schools
  • We post detailed literature and research evidence on our website and hold a library on site
  • We are the research location for up to 5 academics a year
  • We support the work of event management, photography, painting, marketing, creative writing, media and journalism students

Hope Enterprises

  • Gives paid work to  people who have experienced homelessness and poverty each year
  • Trains  people in catering, tool repair or horticulture
  • Recycles and repairs over a thousand tools each year
  • Grows up to 7 tons of veg each year to feed people in poverty


Community Development

  • Hope engages hundreds of local people every year in volunteering, fundraising and governance
  • Hope creates social businesses to grow the local economy and provide opportunities
  • Hope works in partnership with other community groups to provide local services like our food clubs, maintenance of community gardens and growing spaces to build community resilience

your donations help us help more people