This week sees another achievement for Hope, with Kelvin Thomas becoming a new patron. We are very pleased to have Kelvin join us as a patron as he represents the business community in an area of business of very deep roots within the town. The promotion last season was a tremendous success and means a lot to local people. We are really pleased to be personally associated with Kelvin and also as one of the charities of the year to the Northampton Town Charity. We value our links to business and we hope more companies will follow Kelvin’s lead and get involved.
Through our business forum we already have lots of productive relationships with businesses large and small. They help our running costs with donations of equipment and time, but the most important thing is the sense of shared ownership and corporate social responsibility that is demonstrated by these companies by getting involved. By working with companies we enable local people to share their commitment to addressing poverty and deprivation and recognise that we are all, potentially, at one time in our lives, at risk of needing the help of others. None of us are islands and we have to work collectively to make our way in the world.
Robin Burgess