We Need

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  1. We always need food - inc sugar and coffee
  2. Men's and women's underwear,
  3. Disposable razors
  4. Storage Boxes for our Art Group (see Amazon Wish List)
  5. Garden spades and forks for repair in our workshop
  6. Large shoes and work boots sizes 9-13
  7. Cleaning products and paper towels - kitchen and bathroom
  8. Sign up for our facebook, twitter and instagram pages
  9. We always welcome donations! See our donations page
  10. Support from the business community for specific projects - see a current list here


We also have a wish list on Amazon of things that would be really useful. You look on there, buy, and it comes to us! http://goo.gl/NW3HRf

Please note we prefer donations to be brought in between 1.30pm & 3:30pm weekdays but ring in advance to make special arrangements

Thank You for your continued generosity, we are fortunate for the support of our community.