Overview of Hope

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Hope is a community charity which does good things to reduce poverty and disadvantage, making lives better for people in real need, including people who are homeless or poorly housed, drug users and drinkers, those suffering mental health problems, or simply experiencing real poverty and exclusion. We are committed to achieving social justice and fairness.

We run a series of services through our charity, including our day centre and day services, linked training services, and through our  social enterprise, Hope Enterprises, which offers a range of community businesses to raise funds and help people escape poverty through training and work.

Our service users don't just comprise people who use the day centre. It includes people who are referred from other agencies or services directly into training, or into Hope Enterprises. We don't just work with homeless people, but with a wide range fo people in need.

We do not believe that just giving out charity, on its own, is enough, or always the appropriate thing to do. We encourage our service users to move on in their lives, and to take personal responsibility, though we fully recognise the barriers they face, and which we help them to overcome. However we also raise awareness of the way people in need are treated, and challenge negative or hostile attitudes towards our service users, challenging the causes of their problems, especially poverty.

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