Northampton Food Club - WHERE TO BRING DONATIONS

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Hope is developing a new service to reach out to people in chronic food poverty, providing a food club or social supermarket. This will be done through Hope Enterprises, our social enterprise. We are currently taking donations


Off Gladstone way, on Kingsfield Way between Screwfix and the old Oliver Adams factory. Follow the road around a right hand corner and the warehouses are on the left, marked KG business units or Biz space and park in the loading bay opposite a yard with a sign saying 'Butchers on saturday' on fence.

We are down the corridor you see and then to the right at the end Unit H4/A

Read this article in the Guardian, 22/3/17: . Hope has been working for the last few months on the development of a very similar scheme in Northampton. If you are interested in being part of a group that will work to make this happen, please contact Robin our CEO at Hope, via