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Jobs - paid roles at Hope

1) Bank staff - day centre and overnight. We are looking to recruit a pool or bank of experienced staff who can cover occasional shifts at short notice. More details on Indeed, or JD/PS here: you must have some relevant social care experience, maintain appropriate boundaries with service users, and have an up-to-date DBS.

For all advertised posts send a CV and supporting statement of not more than 2 pages to office@northamptonhopecentre,


Unpaid project management work -

We always need volunteers with relevant skills to help mange specific, time limited projects. if you have a few hours spare a week, why not contact Hope?

Role available at present;

- To set up a training programme for Hope staff covering a range of core competences, including use of online media. This vital project is a simple set up process to identify courses and create a portfolio of learning

If you have a right skills for any of these roles, send a CV in to




Volunteering is important at Hope. We are accredited with the Investing in Volunteers quality mark.
There are lots of ways to get involved. We have a strong culture of volunteering and we would be unable to function without the help and goodwill of all those who offer their time and skills.   As well as specific short term roles as above, volunteers are welcome across Hope on an ongoing basis:
  • In our day centre - including sorting clothes, cooking, washing and befriending
  • In our casework team
  • Running activity or skill based groups (arts, crafts, gardening, what can you teach?)
  • Helping in our tool repair workshop
  • Helping in our catering project
  • Helping in our new gardening project
  • Helping in our new foodclub for people on benefits
  • Helping in our charity shop (when it opens)
  • Fundraising and marketing
  • Administration and accounts
We welcome:
  • Individual, external volunteers
  • Corporate volunteers from companies looking for staff teambuilding or development
  • Student, community or faith groups
  • Client volunteers
  • People from Eastern Europe, especially Poles, Latvians and Lithuanians
Most of our volunteering is day time. However we always welcome people who can only work in the evenings and weekends, in events and fundraising support, and in collecting food for our food club.
Here is a set of current corporate volunteering opportunities
In the future we will welcome gardening volunteers once the gardening project is up and running
If you would like to volunteer, or find out more about these roles, please email

In 2011 we introduced client volunteering. We give our users the opportunity to contribute to the running of the Centre, giving skills and experience. Some of our client volunteers are able to identify future work possiblities as a result of volunteering and we encourage them move on to also volunteer in other organisations after volunteering here. Contact Hope if you can offer external volunteering opportunities for Hope's clients.
We have an induction process in place for all volunteers, with a handbook containing all the information new volunteers require in order to perform their role, including job descriptions for the roles above.
Volunteers are an essential part of the team and we value every single volunteer.