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Hope Enterprises is our trading arm. We run a number of businesses which offer our clients a programme of training, formal qualifications, work experience and jobs. They also raise money for Hope.

Our clients, and anybody else who is at risk of becoming homeless through lack of work, can get involved in the Hope Enterprises - our catering business , the tools workshop refurbishing garden tools and equipment (including commercial garden furniture such as for pubs and restaurants) or a PAT testing business

Hope Enterprises has been awarded the Social Enterprise Mark in recognition of what we do. Read about it here

Read an example of how we link with the commercial sector through Hope Enterprises here

Hope Enterprises' own website is at http://www.hopeenterprises.org.uk.  All enquiries, please send to office@hopeenterprises.org.uk or telephone 0845 519 9371

For our catering services, for corporate or buffet catering click here

For training opportunities at Hope Enterprises, click here

For Hope Tools, click HERE

For more information about our new Food club and Growing project, click here

Hope tools and catering are advertised by UK Listings.org