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Big Sleepout - Friday 27th January 2017  -  £50k raised in one night !!!!

Abington Park, hosted by Abington Park Cafe

THANK YOU to the 172 Sleepers that came and joined us on Friday night.

UPDATE 15/2/17  -  We have now recieved just over £58,000 from sponsorship for this event, which is just AMAZING.  Thank you to everyone for your fantastic efforts.  We are thrilled with this record breaking year in terms of numbers taking part, and the amount raised.

The weather was warmer than it had been for well over a week, which was a blessing, however warmer weather inevitably means that we endured a few spells of rain throughout the night too - meaning lots of soggy cardboard on Saturday morning!

Our Sleepers made good use of the cafe building, bandstand and surrounding park land to set up their cardboard city for the night. (see photo's below!)  Some people opted to be away from the crowds, others huddling together for warmth and support.

Either way, the team gained a small insight into what it is like to be sleeping rough in this day and age.  Of course, we had many luxuries that rough sleepers don't have.  Tony Ansell and his team at the Park Cafe, worked tirelessly throughout the night, and were extremely generous in offering food and hot drinks to everyone taking part, and of course, there was the bonus of having toilet facitlites available!!  All of which, rough sleepers wouldn't have.  But this event is about raising awareness of the plight of the homeless, and much needed funds for the centre, and we have achieved both those things.

THANK YOU to everyone that participated, and to all those who sponsored you.





Thank you to Jane Campion & Nick Freeman for sharing their photo's with us.